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Simulated MCQs for Medical GPs


Simulated MCQs For Medical General Practitioners

It's time to put theory to the test!

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A middle-aged man presents with a cough and fever lasting several weeks. Posteroan- terior chest radiograph shows a prominent
paratracheal area on the right, lymphadenopa- thy, a cavitary opacity in the right upper lobe, and a focal consolidation in the middle lung zone on the right. CXR shown below. What is the dx?

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2. What is the cause to use every year influenza vaccine?

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3. Man eating rice only, he has gingival and tongue lesions. Which of the following deficiency you will find ?

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4. Young adult came complaining of painless penile ulcer, what is the appropriate investigation to do?

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5. 3. A patient with tuberculosis on medication for 3 months. He developed pins and needles sensation of his lower limbs. Deficiency of which of the following caused his symptoms?

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6. Enteric fever resistance to chloramphenicol, what’s next?

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7. Immune deficient pt : what vaccine could be given :

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8. UTI case patient resistant to B LACTAMS, sensitive to fluoroquinolones, chloramphenicol, aminoglycosides which drug is contraindicated:

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9. What is the optimal duration of antibiotic treatment in strep throat?

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10. 2. Patient with ventilator associated pneumonia. Culture showed lactose non-ferment- ing, gram negative motile bacilli producing greenish colony + Oxidase positive. What is the organism?

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11. Diabetic patient developed fever, productive cough and SOB. Labs show high WBC. CXR (picture was given which showed lower lobe infiltrates + air-fluid level). The drug that will be given to the patient acts on which of the following?

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12. Patient has UTI organism grows on both antiseptic & detergent

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13. Best prophylactic against traveler’s diarrhea :

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14. HIV patient ... (symptoms of intestinal obstruction) did intestinal resection. They found tumor white in color nearly encircling the wall. What is the tumor?

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