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Content Usage

The educational material posted on this website has been made after careful research to different study platforms and are solely for curricular use only and is not advised to apply in practical situations without further investigation and research. The use of the information and data contained within this site or associated pages on social media is purely for study purposes.

This site also includes links to third party websites operated by community organizations, business and government institutions for your references as humble gesture of your support and isn’t supported with any intentions of financial benefits except if any contributor wishes to pledge on our Patreon page with his or her own discretion of the amount under certain criteria which are not equivalent to selling or reselling of any material. However, while using those platforms, please ensure to get yourself familiarized with their respective policies and conditions.


Knowlegma.com showcases only personal blogging content, accept no liability however arising for any loss resulting from the use of the site and any information and data or reliance placed on it (including translated information and data).

Reuse or Reproduction of Content

Please ensure the material provided on this website is owned by the Knowlegma.com team is not for reselling or reproducing unless explicitly authorized by the founders of this platform. We do not resell or reproduce any copyrighted material intentionally however we are happy to hear your suggestions.

Technical Isolation

The Knowlegma.com team does not use any malicious information that can be harmful to any computer and is not intended for the falseness of information. Also, it accepts no relation to any damages to anyone’s computer due to other means in parallel.

Right to Feedback

We strive to ensure to deliver the best of support we can to make the site helpful to you however if you wish to reach out to us for any feedback, suggestions or even complain, please feel free to email us at support@knowlegma.com.



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